Psychics and Tarot Card Readings

When a person decides to have a tarot card reading, they decide to open their mind up to the endless possibilities of another realm (or so that is what I am told!) I think that the more open you are to new experiences and new ways of thinking, the better your reading will be. That being said, let us now explore a little history on the subject of tarot cards. The tarot card has literally been around forever, it is said that the ancient Egyptians used these cards for basically fortune telling. As I am sure a lot of you are aware, gypsies have always been associated with Tarot Card Readings, this is because of their associations with the Egyptian peoples. It also amazes me that most people thought of gypsies as, let’s say, not trustworthy, however, it was very popular to get a tarot card reading from a gypsy! How hypocritical is that?

So, you may want to know how a reading is done… well, first the cards are shuffled, usually the reader will have the person who is getting the reading to shuffle the deck. Next the cards are laid out, this is called the spread. There are many different kinds of cards and many different kinds of spreads. It does not really matter what kind of deck the reader uses, as they interpret the cards in different ways anyhow. You are probably saying, what??? To explain: in the history of tarot card readings, there are many different types of cards, most have very similar pictures or faces on them, and they all have basically the same meanings. The Reader interprets the meanings of the cards based on how they are turned over, right side up or reversed, what order they go in and so on and so forth, and every reader has their own interpretation of the meaning of certain cards and where they are laid out. So you see, it doesn’t really matter, no deck is any more special than another. Now some people think that the Reader of the cards is more important than the cards themselves. Most people want a psychic card reader, some think it is okay to have a palm reader, I guess it just depends on your likes and opinions!

So now we will discuss some of the similarities of a psychic reading and tarot card reading. To be honest, I believe that both types of readings are very much the same. They both point out things that have happened, are happening now or will happen in the future. Maybe the biggest difference is just the cards themselves, they give you something solid to look at, to feel maybe, rather than just listening to a psychic. Some people prefer a more visual type of learning, so maybe this would be the way for them to go, as others would rather just try to connect, if you will, with a spiritual person and be able to look into their eyes and see things that way. Does any of that make sense? I sure hope so! I guess by discussing the similarities, I have also discussed the differences too!! Wow, sometimes I amaze even myself. As you can see, whether you pick having a tarot card reading or a psychic reading, if you are open minded, you will not be disappointed.

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