Know More About the Significators in a Tarot Card Reading

While indulging in a tarot card reading session the reader will ask the client to pick a card from a section of the tarot card deck. There are many spreads or sections of the tarot card and each spread can either be used for specific purposes or just for general readings as well. A spread of cards could involve drawing all of the 78 cards of the tarot set or even could be just 2 or 3 cards.

Different tarot card readers use many kinds of spread but the most common spread is perhaps the 10 card Celtic Cross Spread. During most random reading session, a particular card could be chosen to represent the person seeking answers during the reading session. This card is known as the significator and it may enjoy a special position in some sessions while in some others it may not enjoy any such special position and may be used for drawing in the spread.

The main purpose of choosing the significator card is for the reader to focus attention on the client so as to get a feel of his character, certain aspects of his character or maybe even some hidden traits of his personality. The significator could also be used to represent a particular event for which the tarot card reading is being undertaken.

The significator is generally used as a representation of any aspect of the personality of the person seeking answers and the court cards do well for this purpose too. The court cards are all pictorial and symbolic and hence they associate very well to different characters or aspects of one’s character. A perfect example of this would be the Queen of Cups. This court card signifies a mystic and feminine personality signifying keen intuition and fragility. There are other court cards which signify various other aspects of a person’s character.

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