How to Become Great at Card Reading

The first thing I want to say is that there is no substitute for experience. It simply takes some time to really ‘get’ how the destiny cards show up in real life situations. After nearly twenty years of using the destiny cards, I am still learning how to interpret and seeing new ways that certain destiny cards can show up in the lives of people. I am a complete believer in the destiny cards and when the cards do not agree with what I am seeing, I always think that there is something more that I need to understand about the cards.

Give yourself at least a year of use to get to the point where you start to feel that you have a degree of mastery over them. I always suggest a watch and learn attitude for the first year. But still, there are some suggestions I can give you that can help you refine the card readings you are giving. Here they are:

Know the person you are reading for

The person you are doing card reading for is always some mixture of traits. But they are also more or less aware of themselves and tend to be more materially (externally) or spiritually (internally) oriented. This degree of awareness and their basic nature will have more to do with the meanings of their cards than the cards themselves. Remember that each destiny cards has a high and a low side of expression. There is no good or bad card. A difficult or challenging card, such as a Seven or Nine, is going to tend to have a negative expression with material people and a positive expression with more spiritual people. Now, by spiritual I do not mean a person who goes to church or wears crystals. I mean someone who looks within for their answers. Actually Sevens and Nines can both mean fabulous success and fulfillment for spiritually-minded folks. But be practical – the majority of our society is not spiritually minded in this way. It is much more likely that your client or whoever you are doing card reading for is a mixture of both spiritual and material and probably more on the material side. So, this is something you must evaluate for yourself. One way to tell is if the person you are reading for talks about their life in terms of being the victim of others or by blaming others for their problems. This is generally a sign that the person is materially oriented and these Sevens and Nines are going to bring them a lot of problems and challenges to deal with.

Know Thyself

Your ability to read for someone is always going to be limited by your own consciousness, beliefs, need for approval, desire to serve selflessly, and your sense of self-worth. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to separate ourselves from our card readings. It is good to start every card reading with a prayer asking God or whomever to guide you so that you can be as pure a vessel as possible and not to allow your personal issues to interfere with your desire to help the person you are reading for. If you can catch yourself projecting your own issues into the card reading, this can be a great breakthrough for you. I cannot help but give advice to others based upon what I see. But I like to check in with myself to make sure the thing I am giving advice on is not a charged issue with me. If I am slanted one way or the other, I will not be able to really ‘be’ with my client and hear what is going on for them. All of us can use this advice when approaching a card reading. A client often gives us a lot of power during a card reading. If we are accurate on a few things, they will tend to believe everything we tell them. This implies a great responsibility for us, one that should not be taken lightly.

Ask yourself why are you giving card readings anyway? What is your desire, need, purpose, intent? The answer to that, if you could dig deeply within yourself, will be the true cause of what happens in your card readings. If you are not clear about it, try to get clear. The clearer you are, the more you will not be surprised by the results – you created them! As an example, here is my intent in giving card readings: I give card readings to enlighten and empower individuals, to get them so in touch with them and their power to create their destiny, that they can leave my card reading with the knowing that their fate is in their hands and that they can have everything they want from life.

Stay on the Positive

Everything, no matter how bad it may appear, has a positive side to it. The world’s greatest tragedies had positive outcomes. I want my clients to feel that they can handle anything that comes up, even the scariest destiny cards and experiences. I show them how they are part of the creation of what is or may be going on, and this gives them the ability to accept and deal with whatever is going on more effectively. If I created this situation, I can learn from it or change it because I am the creator, not the victim. This is what I convey to my clients and the most satisfying card readings for me are the ones where I get to see my client go from victim to creator. Wow, those really make my day! So, I never see whatever is going on as a bad thing. Sure, there are situations that come up in life that we absolutely don’t like or don’t want to deal with it. But it is my job to remind myself and others that even the worst things have a loving and absolutely brilliant meaning behind them.

Read for those you know a lot

Always begin your education in the cards of destiny by reading for yourself and those that you are familiar with. The process of learning is one of personalizing the symbols of the cards. These cards are merely symbols of our choices and us. If you do free reading for people that you know well, you will learn the destiny cards much faster. That is why I always suggest that you do the weekly card reading as it is taught in the book for at least a year. Five years would be my suggested minimum actually. What we each need as we are learning the meanings of the cards is first hand experiences with which to compare with the cards we see in our spreads. This is where the real learning takes place. Nothing will teach you more about an Ace of Spades in Saturn than having one yourself. I laugh as I write this because I am going through an Ace of Spades in Saturn right now! This is the first time I have had one since I have known about the cards. What an education!

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